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“House of Europe” 24/04-04/05/2005, Nasutow, Poland

“House of Europe” 24/04-04/05/2005, Nasutow, Poland

This year I took part in the project “House of Europe”, which took place in Poland. This project gave me the brightest impressions, a lot of new friends and unforgettable memories. I liked the way everything was arranged, give my respect to organization. During the whole day we were busy with different activities, never had time to be bored. I really liked our amazing workshops. That was a creative part of the project, where each participant could express his ideas, show actor’s skills and take part in numerous discussions. We’ve discussed a lot of important topics interesting for active young people such as “Youth participation in social and politic life”, “Cultural diversity” and many-many others. The information was always presented in a very easy and interesting way and according to every topic we had to make some posters, plays, presentations. I think we lived in a creative and inspiring atmosphere. Every day we played many kinds of games which helped to integrate, get to know each other and of course to have a lot of fun.

I can’t help mentioning the process of making the symbol of our project – House of Europe. Personally for me it symbolized the integration itself, the friendship of cultures and young people from all over the world. All participants were divided into groups, each group was responsible for making some part of the House. And we tried to do our best. The most unforgettable moment of the project – when the House was finished. It brought the happiness, pride and the understanding that all together we made something useful and beautiful.

And the brightest moments of the project are cultural evenings and parties, where participants prepared and presented their national food and drinks. That was time when I could really see and feel the beauty of cultural diversity. You can never compare whose evening was better. Each country made a unique presentation with national music, dances, traditions and of course a national spirit. We also had a possibility to learn Polish culture a little bit as we had an excursion to Lublin, visited some museums and disco club.

Personally for me the participation in “HE” was the unique and very useful experience. I was very glad to meet young, active, interesting people. And I learnt their culture and traditions that is incredibly interesting for me. I found a lot of friends. The project gave me much information about life in Europe in various aspects. I found out that youth mobility is a very important thing, that young people actually have a lot of possibilities nowadays. We should be more flexible and ready for new experience, be active and travel more.

Lydia Boshnokova, Alternative-V, Dnipropetrovsk

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